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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Awesome mummy moment

Lately, when I put Eden to bed, there is such a carry on. She fusses and screams and fidgets and cries. Sometimes I persist, and win (after about 30-60 mins - or longer!), or we tag-team and Andrew tries.

Sometimes, my mother in law comes in and takes over, and Eden is alseep within 5 minutes.

This is really frustrating (and heartbreaking - my little girl doesn't want me, she wants Nanna....)

Apparently, I'm to enjoy that she comes in and takes over. Use the time to rest, or relax or whatever.

I can't do that. That's my child. I should be able to get her to sleep.

She's playing up on me (us) to get you, and she wins.

Well - not tonight.

Wow the carry on was huge. I tried to calm her by singing (I do this every night, it wasn't just something I tried to start tonight). I got through 2 songs ('Away In A Manager' and 'Jesus Loves Me (This I Know)') and the screaming was still going on. So I told her if she doesn't stop and calm down, she was going into her bed, and I was walking out and closing the door. Which is what happened. I was only outside less than a minute when her crying turned to coughing. Picked her back up, screaming continued. I asked her to stop and she's calling out for Nanna, or mummy's bed, or mummy's side. I tell her no and ask her if she'd like to go for a swim tomorrow. She nods yes and I tell her that she has to calm down and take some deep breaths. Wow. That worked! I finally got her to lie down in J's bed, but then she tells me 'my yucky' - wet/dirty nappy which we go and change. On the way back to bed, a small fuss occurs, but is fixed by asking her about swimming tomorrow. Back into J's bed, and he joins us. I sing 3 rounds of (all of the verses) 'Amazing Grace'. Both are asleep. Eden transferred back to her bed.

All by myself. No help from Andrew or his mum! I'm so pleased I can help my children off to sleep!

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