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Tuesday, 16 October 2012


So, it's done. The majority of the stress is over, all the stuff we want (save for the garden shed - that's happening this weekend) is over here at the new place. I say new place, but really, it's my in laws place.  Yep, my little family of 4 has moved in with my husband's parents.  Before you baulk and freak out, I think (or I'd like to think) that I get along with them.

We condensed our 4 bed + lounge room into 3 rooms. We had to get rid of so much stuff. In a way, it was good, coz obviously we didn't need it. Garage sale next weekend!

The kids are set up in their bedroom. I made sure first that they were the most uninterrupted of all. They share a room, but then they did that at the old place. Set up straight away. Kept in routine too, so they think it's normal. For now, everything seems to be going well. Eden bed at 6-6:30pm, Jensen 7-7:30pm

Andrew and I have the master bedroom (my in-laws have done the lounge room up into their master bedroom / lounge room) and as tonight is only night 3, the room is stacked with boxes everywhere.

I still have to clean the old house, call exit cleaners, carpet cleaners, pest controller. We have to be all out on the 31st.

To add to all the stress of moving, packing and everything that goes with it, I have an assignment due next week. 7 days. While the research is done, I still have the 1500words to write.

I am exhausted, stressed, tired, overwhelmed. I can't stand the clutter. I don't know where anything is. Somehow I lost how to keep time and I'm all over the place with cooking dinner.

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