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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Paleo Day 3

ok, still not completely following the example menu plan, but day three of no rubbish food!


While cleaning walls and floors etc from the house we just moved out from, after Eden woke from her nap, it was morning tea. As per the example menu plan, I had a piece of fruit.

Morning Tea:

I forgot to take lunch with me, but I did have:
a boiled egg - well, 3/4 of one. Eden ate the other 1/4!

Afternoon Tea:
I had planned to eat 8 of my 12 mixed nuts (12 mixed nuts on the menu plan), except the kids ate 4, so I only had 4.

Now. I read my recipe over and over before I started. It reckoned maybe 20 min tops. I wager it took over an hour. It was worth it though! Next time, I'll use a thinner fry pan, it should work better - maybe even more to the recipe! The recipe is here - Paleo Chicken Marsala

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