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Monday, 22 October 2012

Paleo Day 8

Bacon and egg and mushroom for breakfast!

Kindy Run

Decided that I'd try and make the family ice cream and I'd attempt Paleo Coconut Milk ice cream. Remember we've just moved? I spent an hour (instead of doing my assignment) looking for the darn ice cream machine. I found it. Thank goodness, it was driving me mad not knowing where it was.

Before I started to make ice cream (which I will post recipes for later), I had morning tea. A cup of black tea and a slice of Paleo banana bread.

Then I attempted the coconut milk ice cream. If I only knew how this stove top worked, I'm sure the process would have been a lot quicker!
This was really gross apparently. I didn't have any, but Jensen's words were
"This tastes really terrible"

I also made Paleo Double Choc cookies. They taste terrible. Maybe it was my ingredients. I'll attempt them once more, just to be sure. I'm going to eat them regardless.

Left over apricot chicken for lunch.

Pick Jensen up.

Made meat balls for dinner. I can't make meat balls for the life of me, but these ones are cooked in the oven. Will be doing this next time! They worked out! Shame Eden only ate one and Jensen only ate 4. They seem to be starving (and they should have been after their big swim!) at night, but never want to eat what I cook. :(

I forgot to take a photo, but there are leftovers, and I'll edit this tomorrow with a photo!

The meatballs must have been good coz Andrew ate 2nds!

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