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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Paleo day 2

Again, because I still hadn't been shopping and I was again unprepared for lunch.


Lunch was just before I went shopping, so again I bought lunch. This was it:
Pot of black English Breakfast tea
For the record, I did not eat the bread.
Instead, I brought it home for afternoon tea for the kiddies!
Food was bought, and dinner was 
BETTER BUTTER CHICKEN.  It was also not on the suggested menu plan, but it is paleo, and here is where I found the recipe. Again, I forgot to take a photo. 

Andrew was home late, so while waiting, I made granola  - for breakfast tomorrow! Here is the recipe I used.

I also had a snack - 4 mixed nuts.

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  1. All that food is making me super hungry, even though I just had dinner lol. Thanks for linking up tonight hun xx


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