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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Paleo Day 13

Garage Sale Day. I also managed to duck up to the gym for a quick weigh in. 1.3kg loss at the end of week 2! Awesome! Brings the total weight loss for this paleo challenge to 4kg! So pleased! 4kg to go!

I only ate a handful of mixed seeds/ nuts from Aldi, drank I don't know how many cups of tea. For lunch - around 2pm - roast chicken, avocado, a tomato and some lettuce again.

I went out for dinner with the girls from the gym, to Hogs Breath.  I had the Natural Prime Rib lite cut with grilled mushroom. the Paleo diet doesn't allow for corn, but I ate mine anyway. I got the guilts, but oh well. I had a good night! 

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