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Thursday, 25 October 2012

We Heart Life's I Heart My Body 2012

I was too afraid last year to participate in We Heart Life's I Heart My Body challenge, but I really should. So I did. If you follow me on Instagram, my picture is there. This picture.
Be nice, people.

It's a bit brave of me, and oh - so - revealing, but this is me. This is who I am. I try hard to cover it up.

But you know what? I went from a size 10-12 when I met my husband. Ballooned to some really heavy weight, fell pregnant. Gained more weight. Had a baby. Breastfed. Lost weight. Plateaued. Lost more weight. Fell pregnant. Gained more weight. Had a baby. Breastfed. Lost weight. Started at a gym. Lost more weight. Gained muscle.

I've hit a turning point. I'm nearly 30 and live in jeans and t-shirts. This is me and I need to feel more like a woman (preferably more 'sexy' but I'm sure that will come with more weight loss!). So I decided to change what I wear. I have gone out and bought shoes - I'm not a shoe person. I've gone and bought some dresses (ok ok, 2 - and one was a hand me down).

This picture is me being brave and buying new swimmers, forcing me to see the weight loss, and what I actually look like.

This is me. I heart my body.


  1. Yay!! Love your brave attitude! Good on you for going out and buying stuff for you!! We mums always leave ourselves to last. xx

  2. You are amazing; thank you for posting it! xx

  3. Bravest woman ever for taking a photo in a change room! You look amazing.


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