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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Paleo Day 9

My days are pretty boring. For example, I took Jensen to Kindy, dropped off at the old place to let the Exit Cleaner we hired in, came home. Gave Eden a snack. Got her ready for her nap, put her down for a nap. Spent 45 mins updating my blog (backdating coz over the weekend it kept freezing hand having a heart attack). Then worked on my assignment. I think I could have finished it too but Eden woke. I was hoping for another 30 mins from her, but ah well. Got her up, made lunch. Left Eden with her grandparents, stopped at Kmart. Bought new swimmers (size 10!) and a dress (size 14 - what's with the sizing!?). Picked up Jensen, came home.


But here's what  was on my plate today:

Bacon and eggs and mushroom for breakfast.
Lunch (and dinner - coz I live on leftovers!) :

Salmon and carrot and sweet potato 'fries'.
I also had 2 x snacks  of 2 biscuits each. And I lost count how many cups of black tea.

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