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Monday, 21 November 2011

The Dirt Hills

The BMX track, or The Dirt Hills as named by Jensen probably purely on aesthetic views is where we spend most afternoons, for about an hour. Saturday, Andrew was actually home and joined us on our daily walk/ride. He encouraged Jensen to go faster over the littler bumps (or whatever they're called in the bmx world). After watching Andrew on his bike, Jensen decided he wanted a go riding down one of the bigger hills (there are bumps, small, medium and large ones), a small one. He did it. He loved it. I got video!

Today though, he decided a medium hill might take his fancy. I pushed his bike up there (it's a bike with trainer wheels / stabilisers). He actually got on it and off he went. I baulked the other day at the small hill he started on on Saturday! This was a bigger hill altogether! At least twice the size! Down he went and at the bottom, it goes straight into a little hill, which flows onto another little hill (the one from the other day). He made it halfway up that one and rolled back. Only got frightened when he rolled back! I think the only reason he rolled back anyway was because the hill is gauged out and even I had trouble getting up there the other day. Jensen rode down it twice more! I got film of the 2nd attempt!

So brave!!

Love him!

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