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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Product Review - Fisher Price 1-2-3 Crawl Along Snail

Meet my product tester for the Fisher Price 1-2-3 Crawl Along Snail -  Product Talk by Nuffnang
Miss Eden. 8.5 months.

From the Fisher Price website:
Wobble, wiggle, smile and giggle—this cheerful friend is fun in so many ways! For tummy time, baby will enjoy looking in the mirror, listening to music and sounds. For sit-up play, there’s back and forth rocking motion. And when baby’s ready to crawl, the snail will lead the way, wobbling along with lively music and dancing lights!

Miss Eden started to crawl just days before the 1-2-3 Crawl Along Snail (now referred to as The Snail) was delivered to my door to test out. The Snail Promotes tummy time, sitting and crawling. Unfortunately, I was looking forward to testing out the tummy time part of The Snail's  talents. The Snail has a mirror (as seen in the picture reflecting my kitchen - thank goodness it was clean!), I assume that this is to promote Tummy Time where the baby can see themselves while The Snail sings a happy few bars of "If You're Happy and You Know It" and its face flashes on and off. Cute. Shame I didn't get to test that part of it out. I didn't mention this before, but The Snail has a "lock" function so that when baby is doing Tummy Time, or sitting with The Snail, it doesn't go anywhere. Unlock it for the crawling part.

To promote sitting, the snail can be left on "lock" and when baby bats The Snail, it will gently rock and play some more music. Again, I don't get to use this "lock function much as Eden is just full of beans, a bit rough and needs to crawl everywhere.

I still have not worked out what the lady bug does.
Perhaps it's to propel the snail to roll

To aid in learning to crawl, the "lock" is slid to the off position. Simply roll the snail along the floor and baby can chase after it. I did this a few times and Eden just looked at me to say "What did you do that for?" She didn't crawl after it, because big brother Jensen would just bring it back! The green around the mirror is how the snail rolls.

Still, she's not chased after it yet. Give her time! For now, she likes to kick it with her feet, fiddle with the antennae and ATTACK!

I have found the the music is proximity activated! Just walk past it and it starts singing! Very cute and gets your attention. Especially in the dark!
I do apologise for the photos being absolutely all over the place. They just will not stay still during editing. I give up.

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  1. Oh I forgot the proximity sound! I wondered if it was just me!! It seriously freaked me out one night.
    Your little girl is so cute!


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