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Saturday, 26 November 2011


OMG. I never thought I'd be so happy once the kids were in bed!  Jensen has been extremely testing this last week. The tantrums he has - over nothing!  Tell him no, he fake cries. Tell him off (and this week its coz he's either overly rough with Eden or hurts her just because and then can't give you a reason) and he fake cries. He back chats, makes and loud cranky "errgh" grunt noise when you sent him to his room. There his fake cry gets louder. It's more than once a day I tell him off.. If the neighbours didn't know his name, they certainly do now!
Things he used to able to do, apparently now he can't! Can't turn on the light, can't put on his clothes. Wont get into the bath coz he wants a shower (but once he's in there he's in there a bit longer!)
Don't get me started on food. All of a sudden "I can't eat that!" "I don't like meat" "It's yucky!" "I don't want that" "I want x"

Eden. There's one 8 month baby who hates sleep. On a good day, she'll have 3, maybe 4 sleeps. The best one will be first thing in the morning. BUT all the other sleeps are max 20 mins. I get nothing done. Normally, she goes to bed at night at 7-7:30pm. Tonight she was in bed just before 7.... and woke at 7:15. Finally got her to go to sleep at 9:10. Then she woke at 9:15. It's crazy.

I'm tired - exhausted some days.
I'm frustrated.
I'm over it.
Some days, it's too much. I wish Andrew could get them both to go to sleep. Sadly, Eden will only go to sleep feeding.

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