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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Things I loved today

Things I loved today....
I love getting up to Eden at 5am for a feed. It's just her and me, with the day breaking outside her window. It's as clear as day (obviously), and it's quiet.
I love the time I spent with my kids this morning (when I KNOW I NEED to be studying).  We went to the tip shop, bought some stuff to make a home made chalk board, Jensen a (well, 2!) scooters that he and Andrew can fix up.
We went to Bunnings, Jensen's favourite store. It's big. It's green. It's got a playground and on weekends - a sausage sizzle!  They had kids DIY today and it was paint a garden pot. We painted one for him and one for Eden.
My mum came with my neice and nephew to visit. I spent half the time yelling "share" and "behave" (mainly to Jensen). Was nice when they all played well though :)
Jensen, Eden and I went to a 1st birthday party at the local pool. Jensen got in and was happy to sit in there by himself. He had squat down and had the water over his shoulders. I was so proud. (big moment after that almost drowning...)
Andrew, Jensen, Eden and I went to the local sports ground. There were fellas playing cricket, and a bmx park so Jensen and Andrew could have a go on that. I pushed Eden in her pram.  They rode their bikes.
We kept going and went to the park where Andrew (sorta) played with Jensen.
They rode home, together, just the two of them. Jensen would have loved that!
Andrew and I cooked dinner together. This rarely happens.   I'll post the recipe tomorrow.
While I breastfed Eden to sleep (great, just in itself!), I listened to Andrew read to Jensen and them interact. 

I wonder what awesome things tomorrow has in store  xx

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