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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Me and You, we've got a lot of work to do!

Housework! You either love it or hate it. Perhaps you even do it for a living!

All through-out my childhood right up to when I moved in with my then boyfriend (now husband), I was a neat freak. Everything had a place. The husband, however, just has stuff everywhere. As much as I try and try, I can no longer keep my house clean. Since having children - and remember, I only have 2 - it's all seemed to quadrupled. 

  • There is a never ending stack of washing. I love washing. I love sorting into piles, washing, hanging out. I don't like bringing it back in, or folding or putting away. 
  • I love vacuuming my floors - both carpet and tiles (it's easier to vacuum the tiles rather than sweep). I like hearing the vacuum suck things up coz it means it's working (but that my floor was filthy)
  • We are a cloth nappy house. I love folding the nappies. Not so much putting it away though. 
  • Dishes. I hate doing the dishes. I'm not the only one who eats off plates and drinks from cups (I prefer a drink bottle)... and seriously people. You do not need 5 cups over the course of a day just to drink water. It's water! The taste isn't going to taint the next glass.
  • Linen. My mattress is heavy! I'm not to concerned with fitting the fitted sheet. But out of every little tiny piece of housework - this next bit is my absolute pet hate. I will do almost anything to get out of doing this....        Putting the blanket into the quilt cover. It never works for me. It ends up manky and with lumps and bumps in it.
I plod through my housework. It may not happen all at once, and when visitors come around - which is rare - I just hide the piles of folding! If I have enough notice, the dishes get done really quick or hidden in the dishwasher (which I have to unstack first!). If I had time after the kids went to bed (and not be completely knackered!), all the housework would get done! I'd love a house where I didn't go into a room and see more of my time evaporate into housework.

But I digress.

So, now....

I have the opportunity to share a competition with you! My lovely new friends at Sabco Austrlia have sent me a "Break Up Kit" that you have a chance to win!

It contains: 

  • a Nail Brush
  • Lint Buddy 
  • Soft Grip Window Squeegee
  • Microfingers Duster
  • Radial Dish Brush with Antibacterial Action
  • Iron Scrub (not for your iron - as I thought!)
  • Pledge Delicate Surface Microfiber Cloth
  • Mr Muscle 2 in 1 Kitchen & Dish Sponge
and mine also contained 3 Ferrero Rochers.... But will they make it til after tea time? ;)


All you have to do is :

  1. Follow me on Google Friend Connect, 
  2. Leave a blog post answering this question: What's your least favourite housework activity?  head over to facebook and 
  3. Like Sabco Australia on Facebook (by clicking here and go to the tab : "Clean Up Your Life" for some reason it just wont link directly for me!) and fill in the details! Winners will be chosen by Sabco on Friday November 27 based on creativity and interest. 

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