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Thursday, 24 November 2011

New PT

I may (or may not, I can never remember) have blogged about signing up for a PT at the gym. I met with him the day he was going on 2 weeks holidays. I met with him coz I go to the gym 5 days a week and nothing's happening.

I've been talking to Andrew about going to his personal trainer. He's just up the road and Andrew's done really well with him (and Andrew's looking good! ;D).

Apparently, Trainer does couple's training. So we're going to do that. However, I have to have a few sessions with just him on my own before the couples one starts.

Today is Thursday. My first session is Wednesday. I'm freaking out already! I'm paranoid and nervous! At least we've already met. Still.

I feel like some of his people that he trains look at me like I'm dirt when I meet Andrew at training. One in particular is skinny (and thus my nickname for her coz I can't remember her name) and gives me that kind of look.

Anyway. I've seen how wrecked Andrew is when he gets home. Wrecked is good, I guess, but I still have Jensen and Eden to take care of.

BUT. I know I will see results. Quickly too, I hope.

Trainer seemed to laugh at the fact I was nervous! To add to the nerves, his workout place is at the little local shops. With floor to ceiling glass windows. That you can see into.

People are going to see me (and probably the neighbours) my fat jumping up and down and doing whatever he's going to make me do.  They're going to think snidly "keep going fatty" while I'm going to be thinking "keep going fatty" motivationally!

Don't motivate, DEDICATE! I want to look fantastic for my 30th (which is a year and bit away folks). Next christmas would be great too! As would this birthday coming!

Is my 5kg by christmas too much of an ask?

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