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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Scary at the Shops

I had the scariest moment at the shops on Tuesday. 

We had to go to the shop before heading to the gym. When we go to the supermarket, my son runs straight for the carrots, grabs one and eats it as we go around. Naughty, I know, but it keeps him quiet! He's happy.

We'd done the rounds, started at the self checkout. On a normal day, he goes out the entrance, and meets me at the other side of the checkout. 

This time, I saw him go out - and that was it. I called out, and nothing. I thought he was just hiding. Called out again. Still nothing. I started to panic. People heard me start to call out, and asked me what he was wearing. I told them and some person said he had started to walk up towards Kmart. I left the baby with the checkout chick (thankfully, it wasn't busy at the supermarket). I went to the main 'path' of the shopping centre to see if I could see him, and nope.  I thought there's no way that he'd have gone that far on his own. 

The centre management people  just happened to be walking towards me and got their walkie talkies happening, alerting security guards. 

Panic had set in. I described what he was wearing and his name. One centre management lady headed back into the supermarket, one walked with me to Kmart. On our way back down, my tears started. All I could think was he'd wandered off and someone had stolen him and I'd never  see him again.

We got back down to the supermarket and over the walkie talkie I hear that he's been found.  The other lady and the security guard had found him - in the supermarket, were walking him back to me. He had a great big grin on his face. The "Oh good, I've found you!" smile not a "haha I ran away" smile. He had no idea what had happened.

Turns out, he'd gone back into the supermarket..... for another carrot.

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  1. That happened to my friend too - so scary, but you got to love that he went for another carrot!

    deb @ home life simplified


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