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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Things that pissed me off yesterday

First -

The junk mail deliverer put a big stack of papers BESIDE the mailbox. Beside EVERY mailbox in the street. The breeze blew them everywhere.

Second -
There was heavily pregnant woman showing her 2yo how to skip with a skipping rope at gymnastics. Making it look easy.

Third. Lets put it this way, this was my facebook status....
For crying out loud! If your going you're going to bring your only-just toddling granddaughter to gymnastics, keep her away from the climbing rope the kids are supposed to be swinging from. Don't baby her coz she's crying coz she walked on to the mat where my son was using the apparatus. If you'd have been watching her in the first place she wouldn't have been bowled over. Moron.

Four. Went to Lincraft to get googly eyes for a craft project. There were 2 women at the register. One woman had a big line. Other was only serving one person, presumably because she was closing her register, although that would make no sense seeing the other woman's line was big. Anyway, I walked over to her register and she said "You have to go the other register" in a terse way. I just told her I was looking for the googly eyes and she sighed told me where they were, as if it were such a hassle. We found them and headed to the other ladies register. Jensen had picked up a empty fabric roll (like a tube from in a kitchen paper towels, but for fabric) and was walking around with it. THIS lady snatched it from him. The old man behind us told her she was taking away all the fun. He wasn't hitting anyone with it. She smiled a smart arse smile and just continued serving the woman in front.

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